How To Make Money With Warrior Plus — The Ultimate Guide

5 min readNov 3, 2020


Warrior Plus is a great affiliate marketplace where you can find different products in variety of niches to promote to make money.

Furthermore there are so many ways to use in in your advantage and you can be an affiliate, a vendor or both. If, you are an affiliate, it means, you can promote the products of other people from Warrior Plus and make a commission, when somebody buys.

If, you are a vendor/creator of the product, then other affiliates can promote your product for a commission and in both situation it’s a win win, because both sides make money.

But here comes the problem, most people struggle in general with affiliate marketing and it is usually not their fault.


You see all the time these youtube videos around the web, that claim they are gonna teach you the right way to do it, but in 95% of cases, they lie to you, so they can just sell their courses and that’s the truth.

So, what is the way to actually suceed with warrior plus, when most teaches lie.

The solution is always to find your own way of doing it, because everyone is unique and its own method too.

What Is Warrior Plus ?

It’s an affiliate network operating from 2006 and it is proven to be very legit. You can get paid by paypal account or putting your bank account.

Lets cover how, you can actually start with it and the way I actually started.

Not really long time ago, I was also interested in starting, but I was wondering how to do it and found a few quality youtubers.

I actually started a website and then used to go to a website called which is an Internet Marketing Product Launch Calendar.

You can see different products there and the certain date, when a product will come out. You can prepare yourself and write a review in your website about the product.

The products with the W+ symbol are being launched on Warrior Plus. WHen you click on some of these products and then you will have a jv(joint venture) page where are the tools for you as an affiliate.

jv page

After that click on Get Your Affiliate Link. When you do it, you will usually go to a page, that looks like that

Then click on request approval and write something like. I am interested in promoting the certain product via my blog etc.

In most cases, you will get approved and just keep posting more reviews, so then you can make more money overtime.

Actually you can see in more details >> How I Did Start With Warrior Plus

That’s the most beginner way, that gives results with Warrior Plus. Starting a website or a youtube channel. Uploading video reviews or writing blog post reviews and growing.

Do some backlinks from other sites grow your authority on your website and that’s it.

Other Ways To Make Money WIth

There are actually so many other methods, that we can’t cover, because we would need weeks to describe them more precisely.

But, I am gonna cover some of the most popular tips.

  1. Posting On forums or facebook groups. You can actually join related forums and facebook groups to your product, that you are promoting. Most don’t allow affiliate links, but you can make a landing page and put your link there and link to your page.
  2. Paid Ads. Usually paid ads for warrior plus products is not worth, because the products are usually not that expensive, but if your people buy from some products in the funnel, you can actually make good amount, but there is no guarantee. So if you are doing paid ads, you should pay low amount for a click, low CPC to be profitable in most cases.
  3. The third is the one we mentioned with SEO ranking your website in google with different keywords, they can be how to or review keywords.
  4. Grow an instagram, Twitter or Facebook profile. When you collect enough targeted followers, put a link inside your profile, so people can click.
  5. The 4 is combination of all others and it is to put a form on your website and start collecting emails. There are email softwares like MailChimp for which, you don’t have to pay.

These are in a nutshell all the steps. They can be viewed in more details and can be applied not only for WarriorPlus, but also for a lot of other affiliate networks or programs

Also in general if you have any type of business. It can be SMM, dropshipping etc. But the advantage of affiliate marketing is that it is very affordable and anyone can start it. Money can be made from a lot of business models, but for all of them, you need to be consistent and put efforts.

Instead of watching videos, just get started, that’s the best advice, I can give you. Without action, you can’t achieve anything.

When, you sign up, just add your paypal address or bank account and when you reach the Minimum withdrawal amount, which is $10, you can get them.

When, you start making more, the best thing, you can do is to invest into paid ads. Investing in yourself by getting knowledge is the best thing, you can do.

Your results may vary depending on the time, you do certain methods, but SEO & Paid ads will always work and will be very good ways.

As, I might have mentioned, I also was watching a lot of youtube videos and took some courses, but in most cases they are not worth it, especially, if they are overprized. There are a very few honest teacher, you can find on these platforms, because if they were making a lot, why would they share the strategies ?

You can make up your own decision, but the faster, you start taking action, the better.